About Claire + Gemini Nutrition 

Hello! My name is Claire, welcome to my blog. ♥ I'm a 30 something fitness and nutrition blogger  living in England.  I love food, have a sweet tooth for ice cream, gym clothes, Beyonce, Khole Kardashian,  Michael Kors, and trainers.  Anything Batman or Tom Hardy related steals my heart. I spend way too much time on Pinterest and Instagram. I also have a soft spot for CSI and updating my workout playlist :).

Gemini Nutrition is a lifestyle blog created for the modern day girl with a passion to create a healthy lifestyle. I would love for you to follow my journey as I become a Certified Nutritionist. You will also find recipes,fitness inspiration and bouts of motivation.

I hope that my own fitness/lifestyle journey will encourage others to make positive changes to their lives...

Thanks for reading! xoxo Claire 

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